Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

  • Fully stainless steel jacket.
  • Inlet and outlet splash guards are standard (starting from SRC-2200).
  • Stainless steel central rack feed system equipped with a torque limited by friction in case of blocking.
  • Process cycles are divided by rubber curtains.
  • Automatic cycle start.
  • Automatic boiler filling.
  • Precise temperature control by high precision temperature probes. The temperatures are easy to adjust and visualize.


  • Washing microswitch that starts washing pumps when racks have been loaded.
  • Washing pump working timing.
  • Energy saving rinse supply switch.
  • Pressure controller in the rinse section to limit consumption.
  • Programmed automatic stop if there is no loading.
  • Stop and freezing of timer when limit switch actuates.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Wide pivoting door allowing access for cleaning or inspection purpose.
  • Detachable arms and dispersers for easier cleaning.
  • Sloped removable stainless steel filters with independent removable basket (SRC-1800 without basket).
  • Easy boiler emptying by loosening a hose.
  • Failures are easily detected thanks to the warning lights.
  • Easy to repair without moving the machine.
comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
ST-1400 ST-1700 ST-2200 ST-2800 ST-3000 ST-3500 ST-4400
Hourly production
Production baskets/hour (min) 80 95 84 100 112 128 163
Production baskets/hour (max) 126 150 168 192 245
Production plates/hour (min) 1440 1710 1512 1800 2016 2304 2934
Production plates/hour (max) 2268 2700 3024 3456 4410
Wash temperature 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC 55ºC-65ºC
Wash tank capacity 80l 100l 100l 100l 100l 100l 100l
Pump 2Hp / 1500W 3,2Hp / 2400W 3,2Hp / 2400W 3,5Hp / 2600W 3,2Hp / 2400W 3,5Hp / 2600W 3,5Hp / 2600W
Wash heating element 7500W 9000W 9000W 9000W 9000W 9000W 9000W
Water consumption 270l/h 270l/h 300l/h 300l/h 390l/h 390l/h 480l/h
Rinse heating element 15000W 18000W 18000W 18000W 18000W 18000W 27000W
Boiler capacity 20l 20l 20l 20l 20l 20l 20l
Drag motor power 0,16Hp / 120W 0,16Hp / 120W 0,25Hp / 180W 0,25Hp / 180W 0,25Hp / 180W 0,25Hp / 180W 0,25Hp / 180W
Total loading 24120W 29520W 29580W 30270W 30460W 36810W 52790W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width 1180mm 1700mm 1700mm 2300mm 2300mm 2900mm 3500mm
Depth 829mm 829mm 829mm 829mm 829mm 829mm 829mm
Height 1430mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm
Net weight 200Kg 250Kg 250Kg 410Kg 430Kg 450Kg 540Kg
Drying unit TS-600 TS-600 TS-600 TS-600 / TS-800 TS-600 / TS-800 TS-600 /TS-800 TS-800
90º drying unit TS-90 TS-90 TS-90 TS-90 TS-90 TS-90 TS-90
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